Brief company background

-> The path of Anton Stoyanov, the founder of the fish business, started by fishing on the Danube and developed further on to trading in aquaculture products. His extensive experience of over twenty years in the fish industry contributes to the successful development and realization of the business not only in the Bulgarian market, but also in Romania.

-> In 2009, the business was taken up by Fishery 2009 OOD as a company specializing in fish processing and trade, fish farming and catching. Owing to the flexibility and professionalism of the young management team headed by the
Manager Eng. Daniela Stoyanova, their willingness to work hard and their continuous strive for improvement, the company has become one of the leaders in the fish market.

Present and future

-> The company is engaged in fish catching and trade in fish from internal ponds and natural water basins, and in the recent years specializes in the farming of different fish species, such as bighead carp, grass carp and common carp.

-> The company currently operates successfully several dams under lease and has the opportunities and resources to further develop the business by closing the production cycle, starting with populating of the ponds with fish, raising and catching the fish, and finally, supply of different fish varieties.

-> In 2011 the company purchased a property on which it plans to build a modern production facility up to the European standards.



village Ryahovo, reg. Ruse
Dr. Petar Beron Str., №16
е-mail: fishery2009@abv.bg

Telephone numbers

(00359) 0879 12 83 16