Fishery 2009 OOD specializes in catching and trade in fish from internal ponds and natural water basins, and in the recent years has specialized in the farming of different fish species.

We offer fish of proven origin and with great taste. The company policy is directed towards extensive and/or semi-intensive fish farming. Extensive fish farming does not employ industrial methods, equipment or facilities. The fish are not intensively fed with specialized feed, but only periodically boosted with grain (cereals and legumes). They are raised without the use of any medicines. The fish make full use of the biological diversity of phyto- and zooplankton in their natural environment.

The company manages total five water basins in the territory of the country. Among our main activities is fish catching from
internal ponds and natural water basins.
During the past year, the company has specialized in the production of fresh-water species, such as common carp,
bighead carp, grass carp, catfish, zander and pike. We grow breeding material, as well as one-summer old to one-year old fish, and fish for consumption, this way completely closing the production cycle.

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village Ryahovo, reg. Ruse
Dr. Petar Beron Str., №16

Telephone numbers

(00359) 0879 12 83 16